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If you are interested in reviewing our waiver  just let us know and we will email you a copy and answer any questions you may have. We recommend reviewing  the waiver prior to your trip so you have a full understanding of any risks involved and don't feel rushed on the trip day to review it.

What to Expect: Each of our trips are unique.  All will be one of a kind based on the crew we have going along with us, and an adventure always holds surprises. Once you select and reserve your trip, we will contact you with more information specific to the trip you reserved. We will also send you a copy of the waiver to review. Most of our trips require fee due upon reservation and nonrefundable unless the cancellation is on our end, in which case you will receive a full refund. Some trips indicate that full fee may be taken on site. Please see trip descriptions for more info.

Trip Levels: If a trip description indicates a "level" this means the trip may not be suitable for all. Level 3 and above are not for anyone 17 or under or anyone with  existing health conditions. We recommend consulting with your physician before you make your selection.

What supplies are needed on trips: Once you reserve a trip with us either online, by phone, or in person, we will send you confirmation of your specific trip including a list of any supplies or materials you may need on that trip. Each trip has a varied list of recommended supplies specific to your selection. 

Why don't you offer more trips? Currently, this is a part-time venture. The business will grow based on interest and demand. If you have an idea of a trip you would like to see us offer, please drop us a line and we will consider it!

Can children go on trips? Anyone under 18 is required to have parent or legal guardian signature on waiver. Some trips that are indicated level 3 and above are not for children under 17. Some trips, such as camping, are appropriate for children, while others pose risk. Our liability insurance does not allow the rental of kayaks to anyone under 12 years old regardless of parent waiver signature. Please provide ages of those in your group during registration and we will let you know if that trip is appropriate for children based on age and experience.

​Is there a weight limit for the kayaks?  Yes. Our kayaks are ranked at a 280lb weight limit. 

If you have questions not listed here, please message us and we will get back to you ASAP!​

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Grigsby Outdoor Adventures

Back Road Adventures in Carter County, Kentucky

by Tim and Amanda Grigsby on 08/18/19

There is an abundance of adventures to be had in Carter County, Kentucky, and not all of them involve hiking or paddling. Take a moment to consider the adventures to be found on horseback, by bicycle, or even by vehicle. 

Below are our TOP 10 favorite Back Country Roads in Carter.

We invite you to take an afternoon and enjoy one or several. The views from each are breathtaking, the photo opportunities unlimited. Pick a route, take your camera, and later submit your favorites to the Grayson Gallery & Art Center for display!

1. Rt 1 from Beech Grove area to Webville.
What we love: the fields on both sides of the road, the railroad history through Hitchins and Willard. The old buildings that can be spotted in what was once bustling railroad communities. 

2. Rt 504 to 1629 to 174 to Olive Hill.
What we love: passing by Caney Creek ramp to Grayson Lake you begin traveling over a ridge where you enter some gorgeous terrain. The old barns Roll down your window and breathe it all in. As you turn and travel on 1629 you pass between two cliff lines where in the winter you can marvel at huge icicles hanging off the cliffs (be careful)`. 174 will take you by the historic Mushroom Mine and through Lawton. Eventually you will end up back in Olive Hill near the Smokey Valley exit to I64.

3. Carter Caves Road and Rt 182.
What we love about it: Well that is easy...Carter Caves of course! The limestone cliffs begin to tower around you and the beauty of Tygart creek meets you just before you enter the park where you can explore the many caverns there.

4. West Carter Road to (under 64 bridge) to Rt 2 to 182 and into Carter City.
What we love: you will feel like you are traveling inside a storybook as you pass over and by these beautiful farms and hilltops.

5. From Rt 2 passing 2nd Olive Hill exit all the way to rt 182 and Carter City.
What we love: passing by beautiful Smokey Valley Farm and creek, old churches, and the history along Rt 2 and into Carter City itself.

6.Cascade Rd Loop and back onto Rt 60.
What we love: Access to Cascade Cave area and more beautiful countryside.

7. Aden Rd off Rt 60 and all the way into Grahn.
What we love: interesting layout of the land, large rocks that have rolled or fallen into their places thousands of years ago, beautiful home sites, the old railroad bed and the history attached to Aden.


History that includes a major stop on the Railroad to what was known as "Aden Springs" a resort of sorts that catered to travelers from all across the country who were coming to Grahn in search of the healing "Aden springs". In winter months, we can see signs of old homesites, and looking up to the far left we see what we think is a natural bridge sitting far upon the hill. We can't be certain without going closer, and we certainly would love permission to do just that.

8. Rt 7 to Sandy Hook.
What we Love: This is a beautiful drive that takes you lakeside, with water on both sides of you at times. It passes several water access points and eventually the quaint small Kentucky town of Sandy Hook and access to the gorgeous Laurel Gorge.

9. Rt 773 at Hitchins to Denton and Glancy Fork which turns into Williams Creek and comes out in Rush area.
What we love: more railroad historic sites including an old, mostly in tact, furnace. 

10. Pactolus/Lower Stinson Rd. to East Midland Trail.
What we love: the rolling farmland here mixed with stories of folklore handed down through the years... everything from Big foot sightings to Alien encounters. 

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Sadly, due to COVID19 and changes in our family,  we are no longer renting kayaks.  We still do organize local kayak truips and hikes, and will always promote area activities and attractions, we are just no longer able to do so for business at this time. Wellness services are still offered by appointment with Amanda Grigsby  and some products are still available for sale.  Follow our facebook page for planned outings and paddles. These trips will be at your own risk and will be BYOK and/or gear. Let us know if you have questions. GOA will hold no liability.  We love our community and have greatly appreciated all support over the years!