The outdoors is THE prime stage for wellness. Join licensed therapists on planned hikes to learn valuable techniques in reducing stress, improving health, and promoting happiness. Join Licensed Therapist Amanda Grigsby to guide you on one of the trails below of your choice. 

​  The Laurel Gorge Wellness Hike: The Laurel Gorge area in Elliott County is undoubtedly one of the loveliest trails in our area. Many have no idea it even exists. The trip will meet at the Cultural Center for approximate 3 mile round trip trail and will take approximately 3-4 hours. Trail snacks will be provided. Bring your own hiking bag and water supply. After or before the trail enjoy a visit to the Cultural Center/Museum where souvenirs can also be purchased (pending hours of operation)
$25.00 per person

The 4 C's Wellness Hike ( pending state park approval): If you have never conquered the 4 C's at Carter Caves State park it is surely something you must add to your TO DO list! Join us on this approx.7.8 mile hike and connect with nature while you learn valuable techniques of deep breathing, meditations, visualizations, and more! Please review our waiver section of this website before making your selection. This hike will meet at Carter Caves Welcome Center and take approximately 5-7 hours. A light lunch will be provided. Bring your own water supply. Wear appropriate hiking attire and bring a hiking bag to hold your lunch and water.
$40.00 per person

 Lick Falls Wellness Hike: Lick Falls is a scenic trail located at Grayson Lake that wraps around behind the campground and follows alongside the lake. Trip will meet at campground parking and will last approximately 2-4 hours. Trip is approximately 3 miles round trip. Bring your own water supply and hike bag. Wear appropriate hiking attire and shoes. $25.00 per person

Grayson Spillway River Walk (Our most popular Wellness hike): This trail is located at the spillway area of Grayson Lake. Meet at parking area near restrooms. This hike will take you along the Little Sandy River and wind up the hillside in a loop bringing you full circle back to the parking area. Bring your own water supply and hike bag. Wear appropriate hiking attire and shoes. Dress for the weather.


Ecotherapy integrates evidenced based therapeutic practices and applies them to Nature. 
We Kayak. We Hike. We Heal

​Individual Wellness Sessions:

Wellness Workshops for Women: (Pending weather and location availability)
Register with us today for your spot in our Wellness Workshop. Once the dates are confirmed we will contact you by email with an invoice for payment. The workshop will be located at Echo Canyon, a beautiful and rare area located entirely within a Box Canyon. Hear from guest speakers about wellness and the outdoors, learn techniques to reduce tension in your life and improve your overall wellness for a happier healthier you. Breakfast and Lunch provided and other surprises in store. Licensed Yoga instructor will also be onsite to guide and teach important techniques.
$75.00 a person.  

Book an Ecotherapy session with us and a Licensed Counselor will meet you in a beautiful outdoor setting of your choice to integrate evidenced based therapeutic strategies to enhance and change your life. Research continues to show that being in Nature has a direct link to healing and re-wiring the brain, whether from prolonged high stress, past trauma, or general difficulty of life circumstances. Let us help you with this Stigma Free and unique therapeutic experience.  FREE online assessment and a customized session plan will be emailed to you. Sessions start at only $35.00  Home visits are also available and special sessions are offered for survivors of childhood Trauma and couples counseling!

For your Assessment please EMAIL US. We will send you the screening we need, and offer a customized plan just for you in 3-5 business days.
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Meet with Amanda Grigsby, Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist, and experience Hypnotherapy at its finest! Hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, is a trance-like state that causes individuals to have heightened concentration and focus. This state is natural and normal, and most people go in and out of a hypnotic state every day, especially just before sleep. A hypnotherapist is a trained and credentialed mental health practitioner with a certification in hypnotherapy. They can induce the hypnotic state by use of mental images, verbal repetition, and progressive relaxation.

During hypnosis, patients generally feel relaxed and calm, and they may be more open to suggestion. Hypnosis is often used to help clients cope with pain or anxiety, or to gain a better sense of control over an undesired behavior.

Though many individuals believe hypnosis puts patients to sleep, they actually remain fully awake during a session.

Hypnosis has been proven to help with:
• Weight loss
• Smoking cessation
• Treatment of phobias or fears
• Building self confidence and self esteem
• Overcoming past trauma
• General stress reduction
• Pain management 
• Habit control
And so much more!

Individual sessions can be offered at select locations such as Walking on Sunshine Spa and Shoppe, or by personal appointment. We do Home Visits! Enjoy Hypnosis from the comfort of your home (30 mile radius) Sessions are typically $100 with additional fees for home visits due to travel expenses.

Amanda is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and also an Independently Certified licensed in the state of Kentucky and Nationally certified. She is co-owner of Grigsby Outdoor Adventures and has over 20 years experience working in the mental health field! Contact us today to book your appointment for hypnotherapy.
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Interested in helping others? Already a Licensed clinician who would like to add to your credentials and areas of expertise? Enroll in The Grigsby School of Wellness and obtain our latest credential in Ecotherapy and Wellness.  (LINK COMING SOON)
Women's Lake Side Wellness Retreat:

Get together a group of your closest girlfriends or family (minimum 12 ladies)  and let us book you a weekend at Bit O Time Retreat in Grayson, Ky. You will enjoy an intimate and memorable experience and also learn about wellness, mindfulness, grounding, deep breathing,Yoga, visualization, and hypnosis all  from one quaint location near Grayson Lake! You can choose to bring your own food and cook onsite, or you can have your meals catered from a local chef. Two Licensed therapists will visit you throughout your stay to teach you about the integration of nature and healing and offer unique sessions on Hypnosis and Yoga. Amanda Grigsby is a Licensed Counselor and Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist and Randee Conley is a Licensed Therapist and Certified Yoga instructor, together they will nurture your soul, and teach about ways to enhance your life. Leave this special experience feeling motivated and changed!
We must have  a minimum of 12 ladies reserve to offer this special deal. Cost will be $150 per person and will include two nights lodging at this special getaway, access to Grayson Lake, fire pit, full kitchen,and wellness sessions. Catered food costs will be negotiated separately. For more information and to make a reservation contact us today!

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Hire us to come to your office, group, or club to offer special presentations to enhance communication, relationships, and teamwork! Our workshops focus on 
    --Burnout Prevention
​We can also provide these special programs at Grayson Lake with integrated Wellness Hike! Enjoy a unique experience and learn how to strengthen your  TEAM!

Workshops are on average 3 hours long and Fee is $200

To Learn More about Licensed Therapist Amanda Grigsby,