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If you are interested in reviewing our waiver  just let us know and we will email you a copy and answer any questions you may have. We recommend reviewing  the waiver prior to your trip so you have a full understanding of any risks involved and don't feel rushed on the trip day to review it.

What to Expect: Each of our trips are unique.  All will be one of a kind based on the crew we have going along with us, and an adventure always holds surprises. Once you select and reserve your trip, we will contact you with more information specific to the trip you reserved. We will also send you a copy of the waiver to review. Most of our trips require fee due upon reservation and nonrefundable unless the cancellation is on our end, in which case you will receive a full refund. Some trips indicate that full fee may be taken on site. Please see trip descriptions for more info.

Trip Levels: If a trip description indicates a "level" this means the trip may not be suitable for all. Level 3 and above are not for anyone 17 or under or anyone with  existing health conditions. We recommend consulting with your physician before you make your selection.

What supplies are needed on trips: Once you reserve a trip with us either online, by phone, or in person, we will send you confirmation of your specific trip including a list of any supplies or materials you may need on that trip. Each trip has a varied list of recommended supplies specific to your selection. 

Why don't you offer more trips? Currently, this is a part-time venture. The business will grow based on interest and demand. If you have an idea of a trip you would like to see us offer, please drop us a line and we will consider it!

Can children go on trips? Anyone under 18 is required to have parent or legal guardian signature on waiver. Some trips that are indicated level 3 and above are not for children under 17. Some trips, such as camping, are appropriate for children, while others pose risk. Our liability insurance does not allow the rental of kayaks to anyone under 12 years old regardless of parent waiver signature. Please provide ages of those in your group during registration and we will let you know if that trip is appropriate for children based on age and experience.

​Is there a weight limit for the kayaks?  Yes. Our kayaks are ranked at a 280lb weight limit. 

If you have questions not listed here, please message us and we will get back to you ASAP!​

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Grigsby Outdoor Adventures

Grayson Lake Nature Trail Spotlight

by Tim and Amanda Grigsby on 10/31/19

Grayson Lake Nature Trail Spotlight: by Grigsby Outdoor Adventures

The Grayson Lake Nature Trail is a trail that many are familiar with, yet surprisingly many others in the area have yet to explore.
This is one of our favorite easy to moderate trails and it loops around the hillside at the Grayson lake spillway area, and meanders along the Little Sandy River. It’s great for an afternoon or evening workout, and the scenery will put you at ease on even the most stressful of days.

You can find the trailhead at the Grayson Lake Spillway recreation area where there is parking, seasonal restrooms, and a shelter house. It is a favorite spot for fisherman as well.  You can choose to start the trail at either end, but we usually start with the river portion. There is a gravel lot at the other end of recreation area and it is there that you will see one large boulder in a pathway that marks the start of the trail. This is also a great Put In site for kayakers eager to experience the Little Sandy River Route.

Here you will enjoy a straight stretch of flat ground that takes you right beside the water, we love looking down to spot carp and catfish, and if time allows we will stop ourselves to fish a bit. There is a section here that has been flooded with standing water for some time, however small foot paths have been created to get around it.

We love seeing people out here enjoying nature.. whether they are fishing... walking their dogs, and once we even spotted a couple snuggled up in a tree hammock watching the river.

Eventually the trail takes a turn and goes upward. Before you go up the steps though, take a short walk to the small path to your left. Go visit Herman! Herman has to be one of the oldest trees in this area.. We aren't experts at identifying tree age, but our guess is he’s well over 150!

Herman loves visitors and is great for selfies... help keep this area clean and Herman safe and healthy... if you see trash along this trail bring a little bag to pack it out with you. If we all do our part in keeping things clean, this beautiful area will continue to stay just that... beautiful.

As you climb the steps to continue the trail you’ll traverse over some small foot bridges and through a Hemlock grove. There are a few small waterfalls to take in along this route, the larger one near trail marker 16. Be cautious along this part of the trail, there are some drop offs.

There are benches all along the trail for moments to rest or simply practice mindfulness and peacefulness. This trail is our main feature for the Wellness Hikes our Licensed therapists conduct. See our webpage for more information on Wellness services. Just pass the waterfall are a grouping of interesting rocks which make a great group photo op as well.

You’ll be passing right between these boulders. It is interesting to see their position and wonder about their history, their formation, how they got there, and what they’ve seen over the years.

We do that a lot in nature. .. wonder.

After this point, you will begin another climb. This is where you get an extra dose of heart rate action and calorie burn! Benches are appropriately placed for rest once you make it up. At the top, you will find a convenient picnic table... have lunch or a snack. There is also part of a multi geocache nearby, as there is also one near the river.

Check out for another neat family hobby to get involved in.

You will begin descent now, and come back out to the road and spillway recreation area. We hope you take this trail soon or visit often, and if interested in booking a wellness hike here with us just let us know.
as seen in "The Carter County Post"

Box Canyon Spotlight featured in "The Carter County Post"

by Tim and Amanda Grigsby on 09/05/19

“Box Canyon Trail Spotlight” from Grigsby Outdoor Adventures

Maybe you are looking for a less challenging yet nature absorbing experience? Looking for something  family and kid friendly that takes 1-2 hours, yet submerges you in beauty? We got it!

One of our favorite short trails in Carter County Kentucky is “The Box Canyon Trail” located on Carter Caves State Park property. It truly offers a wonderful experience in nature, giving you up close and personal encounters with limestone Cliffline, boulders, and yes, an actual Box Canyon! Many folks, even locals, have not ventured onto this trail yet and we scratch our heads with A “Why?” In this article we spotlight our favorite aspects of this trail. 

Start your day hike adventure at the Cascade Cave parking area on Cascade Rd off of Rt 182 in Olive Hill. This is the same parking area used for the gorgeous Cascade Cave tour which we also highly recommend if you have never visited before. 
If facing the gravel path you will walk off to the left and then take the next path on the left as well. You should encounter a sign that reads “Box Canyon Trail .75 Hilly”. Now you know you are on track. This is a short looped trail, and you have an option of taking it in either direction, our favorite though is straight instead of turning right (we come back that way).

You will feel “tucked in” with the trees towering on both sides of the path, and you will soon begin to ascend, crossing a few large root systems, and eventually very large boulders that make for a fabulous photo shoot! When you reach the top you will be facing a large rock grouping, and what looks to be the makings of an eventual natural bridge within a rock house. When you walk into the rock house and look up you should be able to see the thin opening separating the rocks and starting to create a “bridge”. If you venture in top of this rock house be careful, as leaves may cover openings that could be dangerous. 

We always love standing in a cave or rock house and looking out into the forest... the darkness of the opening always outlines nature in divine lighting. There you will find the first of a few “fat man squeezes”.  Adults  and kids alike love to explore a squeeze! More great photo opportunities!

  As you meander around the rock house, you will see what we call a “wall of faces”... the unique grooves  carved out in the rock could give us an hour of entertainment  just staring, and looking for how many faces we can see. Very fascinating!

As you move further along this trail you will find another exciting grouping of rocks and squeezes to explore. Kids love it! Eventually, you will find yourself at the back walk of the Box Canyon, and if it has rained recently, you may be lucky enough to see the waterfall cascading from above. A Box Canyon is basically a Canyon “boxed in” by rock walls on 3 sides. This is not the only Box Canyon in Carter County, others exist on private property which are amazing to see with permission. 

You will cross over rocks and locate a railed footpath to begin your climb out and away from the canyon and waterfall area. This trail is accessible year round. It is considered moderate because of tricky footing in places and steep inclines. So many who have discovered this trail are pleasantly surprised. You can spend a perfect afternoon exploring this trail and taking a picnic. 

The superb Staff at Carter Caves State Park can offer more detail on the geological formations here and the Box Canyon itself. Seek them out at the Welcome Center or Lodge. We have a nostalgic relationship with this park and the people who work here and run it. We are happy to help promote them and the adventures to be had there. Watch for more “trail spotlights” soon. If you have a particular trail you’d like to see us do a spotlight article on just let us know. We have visited every state park in Kentucky and we can still say that Carter Caves is our personal FAVORITE! 

Grigsby Outdoor Adventures & Wellness
Until next time...

Beyond Hidden Cove...

by Tim and Amanda Grigsby on 08/18/19

“Beyond Hidden Cove” Carter County Outdoors by TIM & AMANDA GRIGSBY

Over the past few years the Hidden Cove waterfall on Grayson Lake has gained heavy popularity for kayakers from all around... even as far away as England and Japan! 
As mystifying and gorgeous as this hidden waterfall is, we’d like to highlight some other Grayson Lake hot spots for kayakers to add to their priority trip lists! 
Grayson Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes we’ve ever experienced, and we are proud that it is practically in our backyard. It surprises us how many county natives have never even visited this magical body of water! This needs to change.

Grayson lake is managed by the Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington district, and their cooperation and support have allowed us to maneuver the lake and continue to find  something  new every time we visit! 

Grigsby Outdoor Adventures has explored most corners of this lake, and we have compiled our favorite attractions from each lake access point or ramp.

BRUIN RAMP: paddle to the right into the no wake zone. Lake waters end into Bruin creek and there are several cozy coves to venture into for a swim, fish, or lunch! Look for Triangle Rock and take your photo with it in the background. This is the area we conduct our moonlight paddles because if you go at night, the moon raises above the hillside to create the perfect glow! Check with us on upcoming moonlight paddles! If you go to the left from this ramp you can eventually reach the famous Lick Falls but caution to kayaking this way during summer months because it is full wake area and boat traffic is heavy. Experienced paddlers only.

CANEY CREEK RAMP: we love this ramp so much! It’s easy access and if the weather is right you can find several waterfalls along the shoreline including a very large waterfall referred to by some as Crane Falls. There are also clues to Native American civilization and the famed Swift Silver Mines sprinkled through this area. Fascinating! If you paddle far enough you’ll see what some call “Rock House” which is a tall pillar of stone that you can paddle around. High clifflines surround you at some points. Caney creek is off of Ky Rt 504. You can cross the road from this ramp and traverse into the other side, where you can find a waterfall and some ancient rock carvings and signs of old mining evidence. Another great fishing spot.

CLIFTY CREEK RAMP: most know this ramp as the path to the beloved Hidden Cove waterfall ... a breathtaking cove lined by cliff with a waterfall flowing down its center. Also from this ramp you will pass V Falls and smaller waterfalls to enjoy. Be sure to paddle under V Falls for good luck! Refreshing! 
There are also a few great spots to swim and have lunch. When coming out of Hidden Cove, look over to the right Cliffline and see how many “faces” you can spot. We found 12 ! There are a few walk down trails from the road above (986) that lead you to swimming and fishing access... even a geocache! We’ll be leading an exciting Glow Paddle from this tamp on July 20th. Look the event up on Facebook. The event is being held by the Army Corps of Engineers, Carter County Tourism, and Elliott County Tourism. 

NEWFOUNDLAND  RAMP: a great trip to here can be experienced leaving from Laurel Gorge in Elliott County. There are gorgeous high Clifflines accessible from this ramp as well! Paddle to the left to reach Newcomb Creek and access to “Killer Falls”... another must see.

DEER CREEK: this ramp  offers a peaceful no wake area for fishing and swimming. There are also many private coves to claim for an afternoon! 

THE SPILLWAY: just below the dam you will find picnicking, playgrounds, fishing and kayak ramp access to the Little Sandy River which can be paddled from this point to a take out on Rt 7, or all the way to Grayson Walk Park or Sports Park if your adventurous for a longer trip. There are a few trails here too. We personally love  the river trail here and there is more geocaching to be had... also a visit to our Friend “Herman”, a VERY VERY old tree on a small path just past the stairs on the river trail. Our wellness hikes are often offered on this trail where one can learn about the benefits of nature on your health and overall life satisfaction. 

SKAGGS FLAT RD ACCESS; a safer and shorter access to The Big Gimlet area (still wake zone though) where you can view Lick Falls. There is a parking and fishing area here. Many go to swim for the day. Paddling to the left will take you to headwaters and creek like setting.

LAUREL CREEK ACCESS/RAMP: this ramp can be found at Laurel Gorge in Elliott County and makes for a fantastic trip to the main lake or Newfoundland ramp.
You can also reach Killer Falls from this route. Beautiful when water is running steady. 

Hidden Cove and a Midnight Pursuit

by Tim and Amanda Grigsby on 08/18/19

Hidden Cove and a Midnight Pursuit: By TIM & AMANDA GRIGSBY

Hidden Cove waterfall is beautiful and exciting no matter what time of day you visit. Being One of our most popular attractions on Grayson Lake, we ventured on what was probably our 100th or more trek to the cove last weekend.

It was one of the hottest days of the summer, but we still had fun and went back again the very next night for the Glow Paddle put on by The Army Corps of Engineers, Carter County Tourism, and Elliott County Tourism. 

When darkness fell on the lake we had only the stars above and the glow lights decorating our kayaks to get us back. No matter how many times we visit the cove, and no matter what time of day, there is always something new to see or experience.
Once you enter the “hidden” entrance to the cove there is that moment of ahhhh it’s “like the land before time” as Tim says.

We always enjoy watching people go through the rocks toward the waterfall for the first time! Someone always says, “we are going there?”

We just smile. We haven’t met a disappointed kayaker yet. 

During the glow paddle, over 65 people showed up to make the trip at night. Some kayaks were decked out with glow sticks and lights. 

We all headed out with park rangers Ashley Johnson and Alice Hall following behind in safety patrol boat for lighting and safety checks. We are so excited to have these two and the corps supporting events like these at Grayson Lake. Alice reached out to us early on about her idea for the glow paddle, and we couldn’t have been more excited to lead it.

Carter County Tourism members Renee Lemaster Stewart and Kara Johnson handed out free dry bags and glow sticks to participants. We had lights all around our kayaks, wrists, and necks. We put a blue cup over our stern light to create a cozy purple/blueish glow in the water.

As we entered the cove that night we were greeted by what sounded like a screech owl. It sounded eerie and beautiful at the same time. The light from our boats attracted a school of minnows who followed patiently behind the kayak. 

It reminded me of caving a bit as we maneuvered through the passage in the darkness, only our headlamp lighting the way. Though you couldn’t see as much at night, the waterfall itself was running, and the echoing sounds of the water as it flowed delivered its usual promise of tranquility. 

We had paddlers from all across the tri state area show up. There were kayaks, a paddle board, and one canoe making the trip with us and among them, even a doggy who happily tagged along. You would have had to be there to see those stars twinkling above us that night. They all looked so bright from the lake. One person said they saw two shooting stars on our way back. 

Thanks to members of Carter County and Elliott County Tourism who made the actual paddle with us, and to park rangers Alice and Ashley with the Army corps of Engineers For your support and ideas! 

If you have not already, be sure to visit Hidden Cove for the cliffs, the swimming holes, the fishing, V Falls with other waterfalls along the way, and of course The Hidden Cove waterfall itself.


Adventure at a Lake House

by Tim and Amanda Grigsby on 08/18/19

Outdoor Adventures by TIM & AMANDA GRIGSBY: “Bit O Time Lake House”

Trying to find outdoor adventure in Carter County Kentucky is as easy as leaving your front porch. 
There are country roads, breathtaking trails, beautiful paddles, and basically all you could ask for probably just a few miles from where you live now!

We decided to try out one of the new Air BnB rental homes near Grayson Lake and turn it into an outdoor adventure as well. We try to make an adventure out of most everything we do if we can. We had an amazing experience at “Bit O' Time Vintage Lake Retreat”!

This gorgeous lake house ran by Jack and Pam Howard is nestled just above the Clifty and Hidden Cove waterfall area of Grayson Lake. This lakehouse is a superb location to host your next family reunion, wedding, or get together with friends. 

The home can sleep up to 18 people and is decorated throughout with antiques and collectibles! What a collection they have! There are fire pits and a babbling creek... even a Fairy garden! The front porch was one of our favorites ... so cozy and relaxing. You have access to the lake for a day of boating or kayaking..,, you can even walk down to the water from the lakehouse on one of the trails along 986 to fish or swim. The boat ramps are just a mile or two away.

Surrounded by trees and nature .. you will truly feel rejuvenated when you leave. Pam and Jack haven’t left out any details.. all the amenities are there.


Having a meal delivered out to this lake house was a very special experience. You can also have a customized spa or massage experience right there at the house via Walking on Sunshine Shop and Spa.

It didn’t take us long to make our way outdoors and take one of the many trails along 986 that lead to the lake. With recent rainfall, we were lucky to hike along a beautiful creek that turned into a gorgeous lakeside waterfall. We had visited this waterfall before from the water, but it was never gushing as it was today, one of the plus sides to Grayson Lake after a rainy day or thunderstorm. 

When we made it down to the water we fished a while and realized it would be a great place to come back and swim. The trail is very near to the lake house making it perfect and convenient. Nightfall started to creep upon us, but that’s really when the lake area takes on another magical persona. Wildlife sounds from all around, with the creek running beside us. 

Of course Tim, being the risk taker that he is, attempted to make his way to the edge to get as close as he could for a waterfall video and photo. He has always been a waterfall chaser. As we sat on the rocks by the water, we watched a large buzzard visit it’s nest on the cliff across the way, and followed a pack of coyote calls coming around the hillside. It was quiet other than the sounds of nature and wildlife. 

Coming back to the lake house afterwards was an extra special treat! Multiple Trails to Grayson Lake can be accessed along Route 986. If you visit any of these areas though, PLEASE pick up after yourselves, and take a trash bag to make it better than when you found it. We must be proud of our beautiful areas, and teach our youth to cherish it as well! 

Don’t delay in contacting the Howard’s to reserve your stay at “Bit o Time Vintage Lake Retreat” so you too can enjoy an outdoor adventure there!

Signing off ...
Grigsby Outdoor Adventures
Tim and Amanda

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Sadly, due to COVID19 and changes in our family,  we are no longer renting kayaks.  We still do organize local kayak truips and hikes, and will always promote area activities and attractions, we are just no longer able to do so for business at this time. Wellness services are still offered by appointment with Amanda Grigsby  and some products are still available for sale.  Follow our facebook page for planned outings and paddles. These trips will be at your own risk and will be BYOK and/or gear. Let us know if you have questions. GOA will hold no liability.  We love our community and have greatly appreciated all support over the years!