Tim and Amanda Grigsby live in Grayson, KY and mutually love the entire surrounding area of Carter County. They agreed that there was so much beauty and wonder in this one county alone they wanted to do their part in promoting tourism to the area, while simultaneously enjoying it every week for themselves ...thus the creation of Grigsby Outdoor Adventures. "Being outdoors is our passion. We feel more alive when we are out there. We want to lead exploration and encourage enthusiasm and admiration of the amazing experiences to discover out here." 

The love of being near the water or exploring an underground cavern is a priceless feeling, and the love of wildlife and the thrill of trekking off the beaten path an equal experience. The Grigsby's decided to expand on these passions and offer an open invitation to others visiting their area, We offer a variety of tours, events, travel packages, and adventures! 

Unfortunately during 2020, the year of the COVID, we were unable to continue business as usual, and since that time our family dynamic has changed as well.  Amanda and Tim still live in Carter County and continue to advocate for the tourism of this area, however they are no longer renting kayaks or leading guided tours at this time. They do however, still plan area cleanups for volunteers, lead guided paddles, hikes, moonlight paddles, offer wellness services, and offer some tourism items for purchase. Trips are now at no charge, at your own risk with no liability from GOA, and BYOK or gear.  Follow us on facebook for scheduled trips and area event promotions. Thank you for your love, support, and patronage over the years! GOA was a wonderful experience for us!

 Amanda is also a Nationally Certified & Independently Licensed Therapist  and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She fully believes the ultimate in wellness can be obtained in the outdoors. Nothing provides a better stage and path to wellness than Mother Nature. Special trips connected to wellness and the outdoors are offered. More detail about these special services can be found under our "Wellness" link. Ecotherapeutic Sessions are offered in a natural setting, in addition to hypnotherapy, wellness hikes, and wellness retreats. Amanda and her team also offer special workshops to groups and businesses, even families for team building and burnout prevention.